Welcome to the new CNetBBS.net website. Currently this site does not have much content, and will simply serve as a placeholder of for the site until a more suitable site can be placed online. The necessity of this site was due to events that have recently transpired.

On December 31, 2005 we announced that we aquired CNet Amiga Pro BBS from Todd H. Knight. The process to aquire the software and close the deal took well over a year, but little did I know the road was still going to be long and hard.

CNet is a large Amiga software package with over 70 different software applications all of which had to be reviewed, tested and comparied to the previous release to ensure a stable first release. After a year of working on CNet, On the 1 year anniversary of aquiring it, CNet will be released once again. It has been over 7+ years from the last release of CNet, but It still competes with best BBS packages out there. Some new and exciting features are planned in its future.