Version 5.10 & 5.10aReleased!
December 31, 2006
CNet 5.10 is now available for download. This version is free to any sysop running version 5.x as it will not require a new BBSLicense file. It is however, simply a release to update the copyright information and establish a baseline version for all future releases.

CNet 5.10a is now available for purchase via the online store. This version is the first of many releases of CNet in the future. While this version does not contain any new features, it does address some security issues and bug fixes in the 5.07 release. I am sad to say that not all the bug fixes made it into this release, but they will soon follow.

 Version 5.10 Release Delay
December 27, 2006
The release of 5.10 has been delayed until New Years Eve. The delay was necessary as the reverse engineering of last object file took longer then expected. The final build should be done today and will be placed online at the same time 5.10a is placed online.
 New Hire
December 22, 2006
I was going to wait to announce this information after we released the software, but now I guess I can let the cat out of the bag. We have added a new employee to the CNet team. They will start work right after the first of the year.
 CNet Amiga Pro v5.10a Release December 22, 2006
This release is scheduled to occur on New Years Eve. The cost of this release will be $49.99 and will include the first set of bug fixes that needs to be addressed in CNet. Currently the manuals for version 5.20a are under development and are scheduled for completion on February 28, 2006. The manuals will be $24.99 + shipping. If you order the manuals when you order the software, you will get a 20% discount on the cost of the manuals. For those that order the software and manuals prior to it’s availability will receive the current 4.xx manual until the 5.20a manual is available.
 CNet Amiga Pro v5.10 Release December 22, 2006
This release is scheduled to occur on Christmas day and will be available to all current CNet Amiga Pro 5.xx Sysops free of charge. This will be the first release of CNet Amiga Pro in over 10 years. This also will be considered the baseline release of the new code base.

To reach this point, we had to disassemble and reengineer many missing or incorrect code segments. CNet is comprised of over 70+ applications and we can now build an exact replica of all essential applications to the 5.07 release. There are still a few non-essential applications were we are unable to produce an exact replica. But are working to resolve the issues